This is how good free chamber jazz should be. Intimate, dynamic, and driven by a mutual responsiveness bordering to telepathyAnd with an integration that makes it totally pointless to highlight the individual musicianThis is a total organic whole. We want to hear more of this! Do you hear, Paal Nilssen-Love and Ståle Solberg Liavik

Johan Hauknes, Salt Peanuts, Oslo, 15th August 2014.  Link to review in norwegian.


They played an improvised set teetering on the edge of the precipice of a noisy canyon; a tight control on their sound kept the full heat they were capable of to a minimum, more effective for its restraint.  Individually as well as collectively the playing was brilliant; Musson emits a fiercely hot Pharaoh Sanders-like blare.  Kjaer’s contributions are full of audible breaths, sudden pops and quacks.  This is post-Coltrane fire-improv cut free from any drummer-imposed structure.  The group trade long whale moans and combative sax duo clash.  Marshall is the pulse and arteries between the flailing activities of the saxophones.  Their set was a dynamic union of artists, breathing and thinking as one.

Michale Holland, Ears4Eyes, 25th November 2013. Link